the travails of south indian men

Thursday, December 23, 2004
here's a link to sidin vadukut's blog.
this is the one that gets forwarded around all those email lists which have people who know what a south indian is.
i've noticed, i dont know if casual browsers are aware that the title can be a link to another page. does that say something about the way people tend to think of information...? do they expect a link later on, instead of immediately?
either way, here's the link again, lol. do post and tell me if you followed the one below or you noticed the one above. we're using the honor system here to maintain accuracy...
The travails of south indian men

i finally found the author of an email that gets forwarded a lot. a lot, relatively, because of the size of the target audience.
the interesting thing is the reaction. i've seen some posts about how sidin is what he writes about. most people seem to accept the underlying truth of the article, and laugh at it.
more of sidin's articles are on his blog, unfortunately, he doesnt seem to post very often.

btw, even tho sidin seems to be mallu, he is in no way related to me.
no. he is not my father's brother's uncle's wife's cousin's son's nephew.
he could be related to that guy tho.

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