at the washing stone

Friday, December 17, 2004
the guru said.
a man took his clothes to the dhobi(the man who washes clothes) and asked him how much it would cost.
the dhobi replied,"i wont charge if you let me wear these clothes once before i wash them and return them to you."
he agreed.
did the world change right then ?
my student of the bodhi tree,what is your first question?


Anonymous said...

should i have a question ? ah you are expecting me to ask a question arent ya ? hmm .. hey did you know bodhi and dhobi are each syllable kind a flipped in the other word ? there a name for this and i cant seem to recollect it ... you still waiting for that question arent you ? LOL! oh well.

zimblymallu said...

the guru replied
examine the nature of your first uttering.
it also reveals skepticism.
you have learned well, young padawan. and asked many questions. i only answer the first for now.
you have brought me something of interest today.
now, meditate on the nature of skepticism.

Anonymous said...

Thou asked me to ask a question , and I did. Now you answer with another. Dont see any bodhi tree yet ! ;)