i preach to be

Tuesday, December 28, 2004
I've noticed something about preachers. Everybody puts a different emphasis on the gospel. Some people talk about how God is holy. He has these standards that can never be met. Others like to talk about grace and forgiveness. Then there are people who love to talk about doing things for christ. You've probably met other people with a central theme to their message; obedience, faith, love, freedom, evangelizing, the gifts of the holy spirit, the hope of the second coming, separation from the world...

the truth remains that the gospel of christ encompasses all these and more.

so why do people tend to fixate on one idea?

i think its because thats where the gospel had its deepest impact in their life.
you preach about freedom if you're fighting for true freedom.
you preach about love if you're looking for true love.
you preach about obedience if you know how difficult it is.
you preach about faith if that's what keeps you alive.
you preach about grace if you feel wretched.
you preach about forgiveness when you understand the need for forgiveness.
you preach about evangelizing if you were lost.
you preach about the second coming if you've no hope left in this world.
you preach about the gifts of the holy spirit when you learn how much you need them.
you preach about separation if you know how much you need to be apart from the world.

it follows that as the gospel of christ impacts your life over the years your message will change accordingly.

me? i preach to be. to be one of the sons of god. to be obedient, to be loving, to be separate and forgiving and free of the trammels of this world. to be alive and know God.

everybody preaches... if not about christ, then about something else that forces you to live. what does your preaching betray?

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