~subway artists

Thursday, February 24, 2005
saw them at
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~subway artists
saw them at 53rd & madison playing 'i wanna b with u all nite...rock the night away'



A Leaf by Bronislaw Maj

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Leaf by Bronislaw Maj

A leaf, one of the last, parts from a maple branch:
it is spinning in the transparent air of October, falls
on a heap of others, stops, fades. No one
admired its entrancing struggle with the wind,
followed its flight, no one will distinguish it now
as it lies among the other leaves, no one saw
what I did. I am
the only one.

found the text at kottke.org
its "enhanced" by PhotoImpression 5 which works great for a program that came with the digital camera cd. I didnt think I could make the picture look so clear.

ethics and blogging survey

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Take the survey at
An Investigation of Ethical Practices and Beliefs Amongst Webloggers
The Singapore Internet Research Centre will have the results when the survey is over.
I got this via email. So help Andy Koh and his teammates out.
if you want to pass this around, here's the url to use in your emails.


nada nada mallu rock music video

Friday, February 04, 2005
Watch a malayalam rock song by poor man productions
brought to us by jakespeak

considering that this is probably one of the few mallu rock song music videos in existence, i think it rocks.
I liked the shots of the houses and the rain and stuff. but i didn't get it.
what was with the guy running, the guy boxing and the girl on the toilet?
and all the air guitar and air drums and air banging...
Maybe if i get the lyrics.
If i do, i promise to learn the song and sing it for whoever wants to hear me.
nadanadanadanadanadanadanada (thats how mallus speak... ever seen a songbook? )
walk on.........

kandisa translation

Wednesday, February 02, 2005
It is aramaic, but clearly.

Kandisa Alahaye Kandisa Esana Aalam Balam Aalam, Amenu Aamen,

kadishat Allaha, kadishat Haylthana, l-'alam 'almin amin.

Holly God, Srongly God, for ewer Amen.
Sliha Mar Yose, Almaduba Kudisa, Aangen Dhanusa Nehave Dukharana,

Sliha Mar Yosef (?), Al Madbhakh (?) Kadisha, ----? , Nehwe Dukhrana

Apostle St. Joseh (?) on your Holy Altar (?) ---- ? it might be memory

Kandia Alaha Kandisa Esana Kandisa La Ma Yosa Isaraha Malem

Kadishat Allaha, Kadishat Haylthana, kadishat la mayutha, ethraham 'layn.

Holly God, holly strongly, holly not be died, be mercy for me.

Sorry my english is not good.

This is a old sang or pray in the Syrian church. It saed, that the Engel teached Nikodemos during the funnary of Christ to sing it.


Gabriel Rabo

That is the email i got from Gabriel Rabo, who is a really nice guy for doing this. I will not make any changes to the english. The fact that he replied makes it beautiful. Also mad thanks to jakespeak, because I'd never have heard this song otherwise.

kandisa - indian ocean

Tuesday, February 01, 2005
indian ocean has a song called kandisa that i really like.
Its in aramaic.
The lyrics are

"Kandisa Alahaye Kandisa Esana Aalam Balam Aalam, Amenu Aamen,
Sliha Mar Yose, Almaduba Kudisa, Aangen Dhanusa Nehave Dukharana, Kandia Alaha Kandisa Esana Kandisa La Ma Yosa Isaraha Malem"

inviting translation...
posted by Anetra at sulekha
the song is a traditional prayer sung by syrian christians in kerala. It was, anyway. If anybody has more information, share.
kandisa means praise.