nada nada mallu rock music video

Friday, February 04, 2005
Watch a malayalam rock song by poor man productions
brought to us by jakespeak

considering that this is probably one of the few mallu rock song music videos in existence, i think it rocks.
I liked the shots of the houses and the rain and stuff. but i didn't get it.
what was with the guy running, the guy boxing and the girl on the toilet?
and all the air guitar and air drums and air banging...
Maybe if i get the lyrics.
If i do, i promise to learn the song and sing it for whoever wants to hear me.
nadanadanadanadanadanadanada (thats how mallus speak... ever seen a songbook? )
walk on.........


Anonymous said...

yeah! I thought the video was nifty, but could'nt get what he was singing (this after I fancied I could understnd you guys, guess not :-) ) Btw you dont have to make it a point to thank me all the time, its okay, I get it and I apprecite it, I know you do too .. lol!

pradeep kalipurayath said...

hey thomas....
thankz for the mail from you.
Iam Pradeep.and poormanproduction is my site.
please read my blog.
and i shall promise to get you the lyrics.

Sam Thomas John said...

Hey da---
iv seen des guys on tv once... mom was watchin 2.. i told her dis is the kinda musik v wanna listen 2. anyways our band doin good. thanks for everythin man! keep praying.v getting famous in bangalore circles day by day by God's grace. v playing at legends of rock next month, v the only White Metal band in India!!!! all others being in rock... pray for us v goin in2 pubs n playing gospel musik.. hopin someday someone will get saved thru us!!! keep rocking man... God BLess Bro! by the way u supposed 2 b ma ungggle man!!! i still cant figure out the freakin link!!!! Enjoy

AnotherMallu said...

"04:56] zimblymallu: so i need some help with that.
[04:57] zimblymallu: to figure out the words, and maybe then i can put up the words on my blog.
[04:57] thengapatti: ok
[04:57] zimblymallu: ok. the site is at
[04:57] zimblymallu: its the music video nadanada original.
[04:57] thengapatti: Shit u Bloody"

Do you still wonder why thegapatti reacted like this?
Hint: Does Axle Rose mean something else?
Ans: There is a similar anagram hidden in this "poormanproductions"

I am sorry Pradeep! You could have chosen any other good name.

zimblymallu said...

its axl rose. and he called himself axl after his favorite band. and rose for his biological father. coincidentally, its also an anagram.
i am wondering what nadanada original is supposed to be now. i have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Avial has some great talent, my friends & I were hooked to the sounds as well as the vocals edge, being musicians ourselves...... and what's 'white metal'?? Does this have anything to do with old 80's stuff??