Monday, March 28, 2005

Follow the link for more information :

Band members :
Sam Thomas John-Vocals
Moncy Abraham
Godson Gigin
Samuel Alexander

I found out about this after a conversation i had with moncy.
btw, he plays the most killer riffs and leads ever...
of particular interest to me was the fact that Sam "Throat" John is the screamer...oh for a chance to sing with them... hehe... when i show up in india next, im definitely going to jam with them.

i got a small preview via text message from moncy. he said...

[01:24] godguitar: our own comp called god-mode is one big hit around
here..wait till u hear it!
[01:24] zimblymallu: i saw u got four of them
[01:24] zimblymallu: def. going to come to one...
[01:24] godguitar: its madness

riven, risen

Sunday, March 27, 2005
reverse entropy
eternity sighs
earth moves aside, bows down, gives way

behold the God
the Son of Man
break free the sands of time

enthroned on high
as gifts rain down
an open grave, life, love and fire

christ is risen
he is risen indeed

a long day passes

Saturday, March 26, 2005
interminable waiting
a shabbos dawn
no rest today for the living or dead

take me home

more meditations on the subway platform.

i love standing on that platform.
i hate standing for extended periods of time with nothing to do. it wears me out.
i love standing on that platform watching trains come in, go out, go by.
the distant thunder on the rails, the rattling of the carriages, the sheer wall of sound that comes up to shelter you from the locomotive, i love it all. i love to see the train coming in, the cold wind blowing past my face, the waiting for the doors to open. and you're in. and the best way to travel on the subway is to lean on the doors. Why else would so many people do it? there is a fine art to it, a rhythm that takes you over, you step in and you stop. the train moves, and you lean back. the whole thing is done by body memory, you just keep doing whatever it is you usually do on the train, read, listen to your ipod, look around and avoid eye contact...

well, it took me this long to get to the "profound" part of the post. and im not going to use the train as a metaphor for God and how we should lean blah blah blah...those doors that open and close regularly spoil the accuracy of the comparison for me.

no, this is more of a meditation on the nature of my walk through life. prompted by my walk home during the morning rush. i get on the train, and i'm surrounded by people on their way downtown. rushing to work, reading the morning newspaper, thinking of the day ahead. am i the only one going home? it sure looks that way when im taking the stairs down to the platform. but i know that its not true... hidden in the press of people are others like me, all headed for home. the few, who found grace in the journey, and rest at the end.

lies here a God

Friday, March 25, 2005
Fade to black,
those eyes that look upon the face of God

today, forevermore,
blood rent earth,
the death of our separation

batman begins

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
its pretty cool to be working nights. its like you're at the eye of the hurricane, people walking up the escalators on the subway, rushing through the doors of the transit station, and all the while, you move cleanly through the press, walking your own path.

on the news today

Wednesday, March 16, 2005
There is a lady who waits in the mornings,at the subway entrance by madison and 53rd next to the salon, and hawks newspapers. I think she sells the metro. She's friendly and nice, greets people as they walk by and shouts out a headline once in a while to get a sale. The other day, I heard her cry out "OHsamuh Bin Laydennnnnn" and I could not help but glance at the newspapers she had in her hands.
Sometimes however, she cant win.
She just cant win.
Like today.
As I was walking up the stairs to the street, I saw her look at the newspaper to see if there was a headline worth shouting out. She sort of straightened up, got ready and said in that singsong
And then she trailed away to a stop.
She just gave up on the news today.
She didnt seem to be that motivated anymore.
Who could blame her, when the most exciting thing on the front page was about a man being rescued.
From a tree.