on the news today

Wednesday, March 16, 2005
There is a lady who waits in the mornings,at the subway entrance by madison and 53rd next to the salon, and hawks newspapers. I think she sells the metro. She's friendly and nice, greets people as they walk by and shouts out a headline once in a while to get a sale. The other day, I heard her cry out "OHsamuh Bin Laydennnnnn" and I could not help but glance at the newspapers she had in her hands.
Sometimes however, she cant win.
She just cant win.
Like today.
As I was walking up the stairs to the street, I saw her look at the newspaper to see if there was a headline worth shouting out. She sort of straightened up, got ready and said in that singsong
And then she trailed away to a stop.
She just gave up on the news today.
She didnt seem to be that motivated anymore.
Who could blame her, when the most exciting thing on the front page was about a man being rescued.
From a tree.


Anonymous said...

and then what happened ?


Anonymous said...

they should interview that tree to see what realli happened. Now there's the true story.

zimblymallu said...

and then i went off to work. i cracked a smile at that slogan being shouted out loud. it made my walk to work.

Anonymous said...

maybe that wasn't the whole story. maybe Superman rescued the guy....from the tree :-p

you may have missed an exclusive superman/spidey interview dude !