Hark, Now We Sing

Wednesday, December 08, 2004
SITE OF THE DAY. this is so freakin awesome.
i found my old school's site.
Here's the school song in its entirety,
SCHOOL SONG (also referred to as Hark, now we bark.)

Hark! Now we Sing
Of St Germain's the school we love
For it is here that we learn to uphold the right
Seeking light, seeking help from above!
Strive might and main,

Let the odds be what they will
We shall conquer all, trials great and small,
Onwards lads ! We must climb the Hill!

Lo! on the heights,
Rays of glory illumine the skies,
'Tis the land where Truth and Virtue dwell;
Where the sunshine of honour abides;
March! Falter not!
Though the way be weary and long!
All the toil and strife face we bravely now,
Firm in faith, bold of heart and strong.

They have lots of pictures in the archives section.
St. Germains through the years.
refer to the 1990 - 94 archives for pictures of chori, mangamma, dubba, mistry, i've forgotten so many names, i wish i knew where the old class pics were. jake, u in there dawg, represent...
where the hell am i? no. i have no comment. no comment, do u hear.
btw, somebody should release the single "hark, now we sing" any takers?
i will be happy to host the mp3 version for download.
all thanks to manohar who sent me that oh so stupid its sublime poem about gone are the days.

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Anonymous said...

hey mallu man, the pitures are really blurry and cant make out anything ...