Tuesday, January 04, 2005
you know how a lot of malayalee christians say sothram all the time.
( for all the non mallu christians, sothram is how sthothram sounds. sthothram is pronounced ssthothrum - sss from snake, th from thick, o from raw, thrum like thrum... you kinda swallow the first th.. so it comes out sothram sothram ...
sthothram is the malayalee word for praise)

got me thinking...

don't these people say sothram all the time. like its a chant... to keep the devil away and praise god.

and then i thought about how people say oh god all the time too. the english equivalent.

since i happened to be discussing sexuality at the time, it seemed natural to wonder how oh god gets used...
and i wondered if ppl say sothram the same way...

sothram sothram sothram sothram sothram soTHRAm soTHRAm SOTHRAM SOTHRAM SOTHRAM

i hope all of you forget about this by the time you're in church and you hear all the sothrams.
jst making a comment about how even the best things can become meaningless and then ridiculous.

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