Monday, January 10, 2005
just how do you pronouce that word? out loud.

i had the greatest difficulty reading this out loud in church. i rarely read out loud in church. and it was my dad speaking. this time i thought i'd go for it, since it was friday night at charles' house, and not a whole lot of people were there. not coz im shy, jst giving other people a chance. it was the verse with 200 cows, 30 bulls, 50 donkeys etc... and there had to be 200 ewes...
so i see it and it suddenly pops into my head that it sounds jst like ewwwww
unfortunately, i'm already committed and i have to finish reading. so i'm reading
two hundred female goats
and twenty male goats,
two hundred ewes and i start spluttering, trying not to laugh out loud, coz pastor philip philip is sitting there and i dont need to get into more shit with him... and this was even before i started growing my hair.
i just hit a mental brick wall right there. it was like an ewe came and kicked me in the head.
i could not say that word for the life of me without laughing...finally, i limped through the rest of the verse, and it was never mentioned again.

i think we need to change the pronounciation to evays.
ewe references in the bible.
lol. read them aloud.


Anonymous said...

lol !


MinCat said...

hahaha...nice visual happened. write everyday na, you have a gift.