my muslim friend

Friday, January 28, 2005
heard Sammy Tanagho the other day, talking about
"Glad News! God Loves you my muslim friend" Published by Calvary Chapel.
I couldn't find a link to buy his book online. Not that I looked very hard. I did find a .ram file of his sermon "how to witness to muslims"
What caught my attention while he was talking was the phrase "For in him we live and move and have our being". It was actually a quote that Paul used from the writings of Epiminedes.
Tanagho was talking about finding a point of contact between cultures and presenting christ. So get over the ignorance.
Allahu Akbar


Anonymous said...

I've heard that Sammy Tanagho is to be at Calvary Chapel of Kansas City the 19 of March, 2005. I hit this blog doing research. There is little to find but I do know that does post all of their messages online. Look for new words by Sammy in mid march. Thank you for the information about Sammy.

Anonymous said...

I know Samy personally. He is a very nice guy. Also, very intense about what he does. He operates out of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. Their front office can give information about him and his ministry. There is a website for him at,
which is probably an old file that was never taken out. There's no direct link to it. It will give some info about Samy, though.