introducing the konkani kiss master

Wednesday, May 04, 2005
also known as the mallu hridaya kallan (MHK)
or the brahmin beast of love.
the one and only dove raja.
will be, in collaboration with me, telling us how he wooed his one and only.
since he refuses to let me know anything about her, i have made it part of my mission to find out details and let the world know who actually got omkar's banner of love all over her...
If anybody has any information to contribute, do post it as a comment somewhere...
So far i've found out that she is from philly.
and he's only telling me good things about her.
a picture of our hindu brother


Anonymous said...

You wanna get the job done more easily. Let me add some more details.
She knows princy and Priscilla well. She feels only they will know her by name and over that she knows Ajay well. So Maybe theres the trail for you. And I so dont like the names you call me. But What to do I have to bear with the weaker brother in Christ.

jake said...

hey there omkar. This is karthik,i dont know if you remember me, I am thomson's classmate from clarence and germains. Um lets see.. i came over to your place once, when you were in blore. I recall that i had bought a hard disk over to copy some stuff , and in connecting it you attached the ide cable the wrong way .. ring any bells?? i am that fellow. :-)
Just saying hi.
And you got yourself a lady now eh ? Good going mate.

injinuity said...

I had earlier heard of the Hindi Hridaya Samrat... Mallu Hridaya Kallan.. thats a nice twist mate.. good one.