the results are in

Friday, July 22, 2005
for the ethics and blogging survey conducted by the Singapore Internet Research Center

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silverine said...

Couldn't login thru the link provided :(

zimblymallu said...

which link?
the survey is over.

Jake said...

ayithu ? da monay, i really must meet the reason behind this new found kannada fetish of yours.

zimblymallu said...

its not a fetish. yet.
i'm jst brushing up on my kannada. i'll need to buy vegetables from certain vendors while im there, and talk to auto drivers and converse with the general public. even if they insist i dont.

Jake said...

oh well, what are friends for, i'll dilligently make fun of you and your attempts at conversing in the language. maybe i'll even write something on the anglicised mallu eyeing the kannada thing. i'll not fail my responsibility. :-p

and oh yeah, thats 'ashte' not 'aste', my dear yankee.