the music of the spheres

Tuesday, June 28, 2005
i love going to church.
inspiration strikes me here in the assembly of the saints. our anthem of praise a banner that floats on the winds of time. our songs of joy a foretelling of bliss to come. our cries of longing, the spirit's call for revelation.
i stood in church today and heard the love song for my savior. the chords filled the air as ordinary people took up the words. my voice wandered the throng that surrounded the throne of grace. blending into the melody that rises on this sunday morning, standing on the fringes of the joyous crowd, i am lost in the beauty of the song. yet again.


Anonymous said...

what books have most influenced your thinking?

zimblymallu said...

way too many to list here. tolkien's books of middle earth, heinlein's books, c.s. lewis - mere christianity in particular, max lucado - no wonder they call him the savior (never read another book of his), arthur c. clarke, albert camus, ursula k. le guin, orson scott card, madeleine l'engle and a host of others who have nudged my spirit in the direction it must go. i dont count the bible here, because it stands alone.

Anonymous said...

Prbly your best blog ever..... way to go bro

PS: i may not post...but i'm around...watching you :-)