Thursday, June 30, 2005
Mallu Vocabulary Lesson 1

aiyo - an expression used to denote shock, horror and emotional or physical pain.
It is often used when something unfortunate happens and can be uttered either by the victim or by witnesses. To add authenticity to your mallu disguise, use aiyo whenever you stub a toe, burn your tongue on some hot coffee or get beat by your parents.
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Aiyo - aiyo


Aiyo kashtam - oh how sad...
aiyo daivame - oh my god
aiyo karthave - o christ...
aiyo njan oru arishta manushen - o wretched man that i am

Repeat after me



silverine said...

Hey I just mastered this one. btw the yankee accented voice...does it belong to you?

zimblymallu said...

would you like to learn more?

yankee accent? you probably just insulted somebody. but yes.

Joji said...

Aiyo AiAiAiYOoo... Why are u training everybody to say Aiyo? What do you see Mr.Nostradamus?