Just Gravy on your Mashed potatoes

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dinner over; the children awaited their story. She swirled her glass of red wine.
"Midnight, overlooking the Hudson. Car radio playing."
"Si, I told her I dance the bachata!"
He got up from the table.
"Dance!" "Dance!" "Dance!"
The years rolled back as they danced.
"Kekkatadi avaruh, nee annu paraja vakkuh"
"Ai, mi indio lindo"

55 Friday came this Friday in all its multilingual glory.
"Kekkatadi avaruh, nee annu paraja vakkuh" -
Let them hear the words you said then.
"mi indio lindo" - my indian cutie

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jac said...

Just drifted in. Read some of yours.

Liked it because I speak both...only speak.
Hilarious !