Huttidare Kannada Nadalli Hutta Beku

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Huttidare Kannada Naadalli Huttabeku , Mettidare Kannada Manna Mettabeku, Badukidu Jataka Bandi....
If you had to be born, you should've been born in the land of Kannada, If you must be somewhere, it should be on the soil of the land of Kannada, life is like a bullock cart,...

Listen to the song by selecting the song Huttidare, Kannada Nadu

He was, and he lived and breathed and died in the land of Kannada. He passed away on April 12, 2006(13.45 IST) following a cardiac arrest on Wednesday afternoon in M S Ramaiah hospital, Bangalore.
After which people obligingly burned tires on roads, shut down businesses and generally declared mourning.

Now I'm not what you would call a fan of the man. I roll with Upendra's posse. But even I must stop for a minute and remember the moments of his life. There is the song that changed my whole image of the man, that goes along the lines of "Nan yejmandru..." I heard it only in bits and pieces, sung by Omkar while he was initiating us into the wonderful world of kannada music, but it made an indelible impression on me. Even now, I get the heebiejeebies, mind you, thats the heebiejeebies, remembering "nan yejmandru.....".
The next time I had a chance to get to hear about him was when Veerappan did my sister a favor by kidnapping him for more than 3 months. While Rajkumar might have been famous in Karnataka before that, this was the real showstopper that ensured he made it to the national stage, and all for going Survivor on Veerappan's team. The usual mayhem ensued in Bangalore, and spring break came again for all the kids as schools were closed for two weeks. Meanwhile, kannadigas took out processions and vilified tamilians and lit pyres in the streets with Veerappan effigies.

and that really was all he ever did for me, until I downloaded "Huttidare" While it's nowhere near the quality of "If You Come Today", it shows the pure versatility of the man as he makes an impassioned peal for us to fall in love with Karnataka all over again. Life truly is a bullock cart, so pour some gomuthra out for our beloved annavaru.

here's a video of the man in his prime.

and here are the lyrics

I've found a last interview with the mannina maga for you.


silverine said...

What a coincidence I put up a blog on him too. Check it out by clicking on my name.

Jake said...

After which people obligingly burned tires on roads, shut down businesses and generally declared mourning

they did more than that, they burnt vehicles, smashed building windows, and lynched a cop. yeah lynched.they chased one poor man in khakhi, forced him to remove his helmet and rained stones on him. he died shortly after. this for someone who died of natural causes. i dont get it.
annavaru what ? annavaru why ?

Koshy said...

Pramod this was fine,. but you were being neutral,.
Look at the destruction caused,..
Can Bangalore be a metropolitian city?

Anonymous said...

Light a lamp in memory of Dr. Raj kumar at

Anonymous said...

Light a lamp in memory of Dr. Raj kumar at

Maya Cassis said...

OH man..that was one day in the life of Bangalore!!

Jake said...

ennapa, bere post yenu ilva ?

zimblymallu said...

moment of silence, kano.

Suhas said...

been a while since i read your blogs...just came back for some soul stirring reading.

appreciate your neutral views on this one bro.


Anonymous said...

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