Mr. Death and his pussycat

Wednesday, March 08, 2006
The master sat on the mountaintop. The woman waited patiently till the evening meditation was done and drew near. She smiled with longing and whispered,"Do you see me, o man of solitude?" The evening breeze carried his reply to her.

A cat caught a mouse for dinner and asked. "Tell me, would you want to know that I was going to kill you when I caught you or would you rather have death come without warning?" The mouse looked up and said,"Death comes to all of us. If you must, introduce us before we leave." Now you know why cats toy with their prey.


Jake said...

is this a jataka tale now ? pregnant with wisdom ... i know its somewhere there .. but ..

MinCat said...

sorry but i am forced to resort to the old favourite:

zimblymallu said...

maybe someday it will be. for now its a beginning.

Ques: EH??????
Ans: gallic shrug.

Loukik said...

This is no zimble mallu..This is a combligated mallu.. :)

Axon said...

the return of tom and jerry in the Ang Lee epic Mouseback Kitten.

sajini said...

HI there.. I was just going through random blogs and ran into yours. I see you were at sharon and Jim's engagement. So was I.. Good to see malus on blogspot.. :)

Maya Cassis said...

wow!profound it is

Srijith Unni said...

Sort of a collage between Art, poetry and satire, I guess. Or maybe I`m wrong..

Anyway nice post and beautiful blog..

It`s so nice to come across someone with the same template and if that wasn`t enough, you find that he is a malayali( I don`t sort of like the term 'mallu' )too.


zonko said...

you've read Alice In Wonderland?

The bit where Alice gets introduced to the food being served to her, and then she can't eat anything because it would be rude to eat anything you've said hello to..