born on the battlefield

Tuesday, April 19, 2005
dropped in the mud,
breathing the foul effluvium of war
fighting from nativity
no respite, retreat or refuge

sam nikhil philip was at church for the weekend of 4/10. he talked about a lot of stuff, and the phrase 'born on the battlefield' stuck in my head.

if i ever wrote a song, the chorus just might be

born on the battlefield, dropped in the mud x2


Anonymous said...

kinda like "The Trooper" huh! ...maiden


zimblymallu said...

the trooper for some reason is about somebody fighting the russians. maybe the afghans...

my ideas were running more towards how we're born into this world, into the middle of a battle between God and Satan, and everybody is a soldier.

born in the battlefield, dropped in the mud

anybody want to collaborate on writing the rest?